A Comparison of Makoto Training to Other Training Conditions
– Brian Bolt, Paul Moes, Linnea Butler: Calvin College, Grand Rapids, MI

“…The training period lasted for approximately six weeks during the spring semester of 2005 – following spring break and continuing through the end of the semester. Participants trained twice a week for eight minutes each session. …The improvement in RT shown by the Makoto test group was significantly greater than the other two groups.”

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The Effects of Makoto Intervention on Motor Skills and Executive Function in Children with and without Autism Spectrum Disorders
-Kristina Cumpata, MSOT/Student, Claudia Hilton, PhD, OTR/L, FAOTA – Washington University School of Medicine Program in Occupational Therapy; Pete Trapani – 360Fitness For Life & Health, LLC

The results of this pilot study are very exciting because it indicates the use of equipment (Makoto) as an effective intervention for ASD as opposed to medication. Wash U said statistically significant results in working memory and organization of materials in just 30 two-minute games.

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Impact of Makoto Training on Reaction Time, Agility, Vertical Jump, and Balance in High School Athletics
-Jennifer Bloomfield, Mandy Dumont and Amanda Whitlock; Grand Valley State University Allendale, MI

“In conclusion… The results of this study indicate that the athletes who participated in the six-week Makoto training program showed statistically significant improvement [in] average reaction time and the timed T-test”.

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Autism & SPD* Therapy
– Lucy Jane Miller, Ph.D., OTR

I was pleasantly surprised by the emotional effect of the Makoto system. I recently had a young man who had left the military after two tours of duty in the Gulf. After participating in Makoto therapy he reported astounding improvement in his focus after even one usage and we were then able to work on his sense of self and his self-esteem. Makoto is an excellent tool for working on sensory integrative functions. We have seen amazing therapeutic gains in clients in motor planning and inter-sensory processing … little do they know it’s a therapeutic modality … in fact it’s perceived as a fun game!

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Brain Fitness
Dave Shaw, Chairman, Makoto USA Mind Training

The final frontier in fitness – is tying it all together. So how do we make the stronger muscles, the longer endurance, and the better flexibility combine to create better total human performance? The key, of course, to “tying it all together” is the brain. It is the brain that controls all of these functions in harmony. It is the communication between the brain and the body that determines whether all of this physical training is just for “looks” or whether we can truly improve human performance. It is the trainers’ job and the clubs’ responsibility to give their clients the opportunity to tie it all to together. This is mind training and it is the final frontier in personal fitness…

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What Therapists are Saying…

The Makoto Arena is used at hospitals and therapy clinics around the world. Studies have shown that patients using the Makoto Arena have statistically significant improvement in positive outcomes…. And the therapists love it! – for the benefit it delivers to their patients and overall improvement to morale and FUN in the facility! Click hear to read some of the comments from therapists using the Makoto Arena.

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